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RPG Maker Ace
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Probably the most important script that you will ever need.

Effectus is a redesign of the inner workings of the default scripts on multiple levels that not only eliminates a very (if not the most) limiting factor of the engine, which is the performance loss related to map events, but also improves performance in any map-related situation.
That is what Effectus is all about, improving, stretching your game making boundaries and taking the word “possible” to a whole new level. Even if your game doesn’t experience any noticeable lag or slowdown, you will benefit from Effectus, and more importantly, so will your players, because it raises the bar for performance by reducing the workload on some of the most demanding parts from your game’s internal processing.
It will also greatly help you if you plan on using resolutions bigger than 640×480!

Detailed Description

With Effectus you will be able to do things that you never thought possible on RPG Maker Ace. Your games will become alive, smoother to play and if you so desire, more massive as well!

You might be wondering “What can I do with it?”, here’s a list of some of the things you’ll be able to do with it:
– Use it as it is. No configuration needed as it is plug and play.
– Create large cities without having to split them into small chunks. No more lag like before!
– Make maps that actually feel ALIVE! Use as many events as you want!
– Plan epic battle scenes and cutscenes to improve your game’s scale!
– Ensure a smoother gameplay for your players.
– Forget about high CPU requirements.
– Bigger battles! If you’re using an action battle system, you can now add lots of enemies and make those massive epic battles you always dreamed of a reality!
– Enjoy faster pathfinding! Any pathfinding script that relies on the default, old engine’s methods will now greatly benefit from the efficient optimization Effectus provides!
– Provide a better overall gameplay experience with no slowdowns!
– Create new, more complex systems that weren’t possible before due to the poor perfomance of RPG Maker Ace!
– Although it doesn’t provide any online capabilities, Effectus opens up the door for MORPGs/MMORPGs thanks to the incredible amount of events/characters that it can process without any kind of slowdown.

Testing Effectus

Improved Tests added!
We took the time to improve Effectus even more, so in version 1.2.0 we updated and improved the six tests we used before to benchmark Effectus against other well known systems such as: “Victor Engine – Anti Lag”, “Moghunter Simple Anti Lag”, “Yami Script Ace – Simple Anti-lag Event”, “Lune Ultimate Anti Lag”, “Dekita $D13x – Simple Antilag”, “Theo – Insane Anti-lag” and vanilla Maker (No anti lag).

What improvements were made to these six tests?
We increased the resolution to 640×480, which always produces an impact on performance, we also added parallel processes to all six tests to make them even more demanding!
For the specifics of each test, read their descriptions below.

Test Descriptions

(Use the arrows on each side to move through the descriptions)

Benchmarks Note

Below you will find four images covering all the benchmarks done for Effectus and the other systems.

The first two images show benchmarks done both for our Desktop PC (represented by orange vertical bars) and our Notebook (represented by light-blue vertical bars) respectively for all six Tests. Going from left to right, each thin bar represents one of the six Tests, so for example the third thin line for Effectus represents the results of the third Test using Effectus, while the fifth thin line on Dekita’s represent the result of the fifth Test using that system, the same applies for all the others.

Then there are another two images showing the results, how well each system performed on average, one is for the Desktop PC results and the other is for the Notebook results.


(Use the arrows on each side to move through the benchmarks)


As you can see, Effectus improves the performance at unimaginable levels, keeping the frames per second count stable under even the harshest circumstances while also opening up the doors for more demanding systems and situations/uses.

A lot of effort has been made to make sure Effectus won’t mess up your game. You can expect animations, balloons and everything event related to work as it should, unlike some of the tested entries, that either completely wrecked autorun and parallel process triggers for events (Raizen’s and Dekita’s) or included some weird graphical bugs (like the stuttering when moving the screen in Victor’s, that gets more noticeable the more events you use).

If you are a creative developer who wants to be in complete control of what goes into your game, without having to reduce, split or delete things in order to mantain a smooth gameplay experience, Effectus is the perfect solution for you!

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