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RPG Maker Ace
Check .txt files and the header for more
on what can be customized.

Invenio gives you professional tools to create awesome gameplay mechanics, improve the AI in your game and create an experience worth remembering for your players!

There is a humongous amount of scripts available for RPG Maker, and yet something as important as pathfinding was far from solved… until now.
We present Invenio, the ultimate solution for pathfinding in RPG Maker VX Ace.
Enjoy top tier performance, tons of features, and endless possibilities to help you achieve everything you want for your game.

Invenio comes with a comprehensive user guide to help you master its features, giving you everything you need to use Invenio to its fullest potential!

Detailed Description

Invenio will take your game’s Artificial Intelligence to the next level. Here’s a list of some of the things you can do with it:

– Create cities that feel alive! Citizens will be able to move intelligently and react to their environment.
– Make characters dynamically avoid obstacles and reach their objectives.
– Achieve more natural looking followers and allies.
– Make the enemies from Action Battle Systems able to actually reach the player.
– Save time and effort by using it to simplify move routes.
– Have moving agents that react to different situations using pre-defined actions or your own, custom ones.
– Easily create smart patrol routes for guards.
– Make characters follow their targets from a safe distance.
– Create fun gameplay mechanics and minigames!
– Have multiple agents pathfinding simultaneously without slowdowns.
– Check if there is a clear path to any location for any character.
– Use it to create other genres of games that need pathfinding, such as Tower Defense, Infiltration (Stealth), Real Time Strategy and more!

Supports movement in eight directions as well as just four, like RPG Maker VX Ace uses by default.
Includes plug-and-play replacements for Jet’s and Venima’s Pathfinder, Khas Pathfinder and TheoAllen’s Pathfinding and Event Chase Player.

Testing Invenio
Complex tests:

In order to show how fast and powerful Invenio really is, we tested It against the following well-known pathfinding scripts:
“JPS Pathfinding v 1.3” by ChrisClark13, “Khas Pathfinder” by Khas Arcthunder, “Pathfinding” by cozziekuns,
“Pathfinding” by Jet10985(edited by Venima), “Pathfinding script” by Karanum and “TheoAllen – A* Pathfinding”/”Theo – Pathfinding and Event Chase Player” by TheoAllen”.

Test Descriptions

(Use the arrows on each side to move through the descriptions)

Benchmarks Note

Below you will find four images covering all the benchmarks done for Invenio and the other systems.

The first two images show benchmarks done both for our Desktop PC (represented by red vertical bars) and our Notebook (represented by grey vertical bars) respectively for all three Tests. Going from left to right, each thin bar represents one of the three Tests, so for example the third thin line for Invenio represents the results of the third Test using It, while the second thin line for ChrisClark13’s represents the result of the second Test using that system, the same applies for all the others.

Then the other two images show the results of the 3 tests combined, consisting of the total time the game process was halted while performing pathfinding tasks, one image is for the Desktop PC results and the other one is for the Notebook results.


(Use the arrows on each side to move through the benchmarks)


As you can clearly see, Invenio is unmatched performance-wise. The benchmarks show the humongous difference in performance compared to existing pathfinding scripts for RPG Maker VX Ace, that take too much time to complete the tasks or can’t complete them at all!

Invenio is also unmatched feature-wise, you will enjoy full control over almost every situation imaginable and the included, comprehensive User Guide will help you master its features in no time.

Enjoy top tier performance, tons of features, and endless possibilities to help you achieve everything you want for your game!

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